Sections and Departments

  • The news section is tasked with delivering timely and factual reports on current events and issues that concern Artlets.

  • The special reports section goes deep into the heart of Faculty-wide, University-wide, and national issues to uncover the truth through comprehensive stories.

  • The features section showcases outstanding members of the Artlet community—whether students, alumni, or professors—through compelling personality profiles.

  • The lifestyle section dedicates itself to enhancing Artlets' artistic sensibilities by introducing them to the vast world of the arts, music, and even food.

  • The literary section ignites Artlets' intellectual senses through incisive reviews of plays and films as well as thought-provoking prose and poetry.

  • More than just capturing snippets of important events, the Photography department tells stories through its own medium.

  • In cooperation with the Photography Department, videographers create audio-visual elements to supplement the Flame's stories.

  • Tasked with overseeing the publication's overall aesthetic, the Art department creates layouts and artwork to accompany the Flame's articles and literary pieces.

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